Throughout my life I have acquired many skills that have enabled me to become the effective leader that I am today. Those skills include:

Public Speaking: I have always been able to speak in front of crowds, as I am not easily intimidated. I have taken many classes that have conditioned me to speak in front of a large numbers of people without fear, as well as performed countless times for a large audience.

Communication: Through different types of communication classes and meeting different types of people, I have come to master the art of communication. Talking to others comes naturally to me, and I have developed the ability to make every conversation I have meaningful and impactful. This skill applies to everyday life, and is essential in anything that I do. In the work place it creates a healthy and effective work environment. In my social life, this skill has allowed me to build life long relationships, and overcome challenges that arise.

Event planning: Being apart of different organizations throughout my life, I have developed the ability to plan and coordinate events. From blood drives to banquets, I have organized successful and

Facilitation: During my time at CMU, I have taken many leadership classes and attended countless leadership conferences that have given me the ultimate facilitation skills.

Peer Mediation: I started developing mediation skills as early as the 8th grade. It was then that I underwent my first peer mediation trainings, and continued to apply those skills in my everyday life to solve conflict. While being a youth mentor for at risk youth, I practiced these skills regularly and it helped me to perfect different mediation strategies. These skill are crucial for any circumstance, as they can prevent unhealthy and unhappy environments.

Organization: In high school, I developed organization skills that enabled me to be successful. Being an honor roll student, holding leadership positions in many student organizations, and working, I needed to learn how to be organized; Without acquiring this skill, I would have failed horribly. I continue to work on this skill in college, as it allows for me to stay successful and move forward.

Time Management: This is a skill that I have learned the hard way. College has taught me a valuable lesson: Time Management is the key to being successful. Without this skill, one’s life will be put on hold. Nothing will get accomplished if you can not give the proper time that is needed to finish a task. I have become extremely effective at managing my time, and it has proven to produce desired outcomes in whatever I do. This skill is essential to have in all aspects of life, and will help to produce a healthy life environment.

I plan to develop many more skills as I proceed through my college career. There are so many things to learn, and I never want to stop bettering myself as a leader.