My Leadership Philosophy

My leadership philosophy is simple: to see the beauty in all things, and inspire others to do the same. I believe I accomplish this through living my life everyday by my highest values, which are courage and kindness.

By having courage, I have been able to overcome unfathomable hardship, and still see the beauty in the life that I have been given. Courage gave me the ability to face the unique challenges I have encountered and continue to experience in my life. It has allowed me to stay open-minded so that I may understand why I shouldn’t give up. I believe that having courage has also been a major value that has contributed to my leadership style. This attribute enables me to be confident, and willing to stand up for what I believe in; I take the initiative to follow my passions and inspire others to do the same. I am a social dragon, and I would not be that way if I did not have the courage to be as extroverted as I am.

Kindness has also shaped my leadership philosophy significantly. Throughout my life, I have been shown great kindness I thought did not exist, and learned that kindness is what makes the heart most happy. I began to practice this theory and learned that if you treat everyone and everything you do with kindness, you will always be able to see even the smallest bit of beauty. This is valuable as a leader because you are able to remain optimistic, and lead with positivity.

If you combine courage and kindness, you have my leadership philosophy. An example of when I put this philosophy into action in a “leadership” role, was when I had a fellow college student say that race and gender did not effect people and their success in society today. As someone who believes that social inequalities exist in the world today, and feel that this is a prominent issue, I was enraged at this statement. I had to take a step back and remember what my values where. After a brief reflection on what just happened, I found myself once again and responded with the courage and kindness I find to be crucial assets of a leader. I recommended articles an research that prove that what this person was saying is wrong, and continued on with my day knowing that I did all that I could do in that moment.  This was the first time that I really started to live by this philosophy day by day, as I struggled to tackle challenges and see the good in what I was doing. I realized that I needed courage to be successful not just in school but life in general, and I needed kindness to enable my heart to keep going. When I started living by these values, I noticed that others did too, and I created an environment that provided happiness for everyone. And that is what a leader is. A person who follows these two values day by day; To have the courage to face challenges and never give up, and the kindness to see the good in all things, is a leader.