My involvements at CMU include:

Diversity Inclusion and Service LEAD Team – This LEAD team, which is a program through the leadership institute, focuses on creating a more diverse, inclusive, and service oriented campus. I serve as a general member, and work hard to achieve this team’s goal of improving the overall university experience for all.

Robinson & Barnes Hall Council – The purpose of this registered student organization is to foster an inclusive and diverse community and to  sustain an environment that supports leadership development. I serve as the Executive Board Student Government Representative. I perform the tasks that fulfill the description above and to also keep the RSO informed of what is going on in the academic government.

Spirits and Traditions Committee – This RSO is responsible for creating, maintaining, and advancing the school sprit and traditions across CMU. I am a chairs person on this committee and provide my services as needed.

I plan to become more involved and try new things as my time at CMU progresses, as I believe that getting involved in different RSO’s enable one to grow and impact their environment for the better.