My involvements at CMU include:

Diversity Inclusion and Service LEAD Team – This LEAD team, which is a program through the leadership institute, focuses on creating a more diverse, inclusive, and service oriented campus. I serve as a general member, and work hard to achieve this team’s goal of improving the overall university experience for all.

Robinson & Barnes Hall Council – The purpose of this registered student organization is to foster an inclusive and diverse community and to  sustain an environment that supports leadership development. I serve as the Executive Board Student Government Representative. I perform the tasks that fulfill the description above and to also keep the RSO informed of what is going on in the academic government.

Spirits and Traditions Committee – This RSO is responsible for creating, maintaining, and advancing the school sprit and traditions across CMU. I am a chairs person on this committee and provide my services as needed.

Alternative Break Program – This program sends about 20 different teams across the country during the winter, spring, and summer breaks that have 12 participants in each group. These participants are CMU students of any age and major, and every team represents a social justice issue or a specific topic in which they learn about before, during, and after the break. These alternative breaks consist of a week full of service with a community partner while students fully immerse themselves in the community in which they have been designated.

I plan to become more involved and try new things as my time at CMU progresses, as I believe that getting involved in different RSO’s enable one to grow and impact their environment for the better.