We go through many different stages of life, and therefor our goals should be set accordingly. I have set a few goals for the different stages of my life, but new ones come and go all the time; It can be difficult for me to know what I want in life, especially far down the road. These goals encompass the more minor goals I set for myself and showcase my values as a person.

  • College Era Goals
    • To graduate with a major and skills that will help me impact the world for the better
    • To develop healthy and life long friends
    • To become educated and grow as an individual
    • To educate others on social inequalities and encourage them to open their minds
    • Study Abroad
  • After College – Grad School Era
    • Attend graduate school
    • Use my knowledge and skills acquired from college to make a difference in communities that suffer social inequalities
    • Continue to foster meaningful and life long friendships
    • Travel to new countries
  • Post Grad School Era
    • Fight for social equity
    • Travel the world
    • Continue to educate myself and others about the world around us