The Art of Debate

As part of the leadership minor protocol for the Leadership Advancement Scholars,  we are required to take an intro to debate class. This class was, to say the very least, boring. The material learned was interesting, and the actual debates where fun; However, the professor did a poor job at keeping my attention. This does not mean that I learned nothing. I learned the proper way to carry out an argument: to make a claim and support that claim with facts. This class is necessary for someone to understand the most efficient way to get your message across to someone else. Leaders should understand the debate concepts and master them, because with leadership comes challenges in which debate skills are what can make or break you. I feel more confident not only as a leader, but as someone who has a fear of confrontation. This class has given me knowledge that I can apply to my everyday life; I am able to carry myself in a more professional and dignified way.


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