A Mentor/Mentee Retreat Reflection

Being A Leadership Advancement Scholar, you have the perk of receiving a mentor a few weeks before you begin college. The purpose of this is to have someone to answer questions about school, help you become acclimated to campus life, and to just be a friend. Some of the mentor and mentee relationships do not become more than just text messages, while others develop into meaningful and lasting friendships. My mentor relationship is a little different from others because I received my mentor late, as well as having to share her. Another Leadership student had the same mentor as me due to the amount of mentors available. This did not affect me being able to build a relationship with my mentor, in fact it made the experience so much better. I not only got a mentor, but an additional unexpected friend who is referred to as my twin. After weeks of us communicating  via group message, school began and soon after it was time for our mentor/mentee retreat. This is where our relationship truly began to grow into what it is today. The retreat is meant for the mentor’s and mentee’s to build trust in one another as well as learn to communicate. The retreat was full of activities that tested our skills as leaders and pushed us to our limits. At times I felt overwhelmed and ready to give up, but my mentor was their to keep me on my feet. She showed me that there will be bumps in the road but no matter how difficult something may be, we can’t give up; Especially when we have friends who have our backs. I reached a whole new level of friendship because of the retreat, and I feel as though I can accomplish anything knowing that I have an incredible support system to assist me through my struggles.



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